Declutter, Clean, and Purge

No ladies, we’re not talking about eating disorders, we’re talking about what seems like thousands of new toys and “things” that have found their way into your houses over the holidays.  It’s a new year and it’s time to make some space, or sign up for an episode of Hoarders, it’s up to you.

-Get some big boxes.  Label one “To Give” and start filling it liberally with things you don’t need or use on a semi-regular basis.  Example: At one point, I unknowingly owned 3 crock pots.  And guess what I never do?  Cook simultaneously in 3 crockpots.  Be gone I say! You can truck off to the Salvation Army or call Hannah Home or The Foundry to come to your doorstep and pick it up for you.  It just doesn’t get easier.

-A great way to get rid of some of those “handy” kitchen utensils is to dump everything into a box and put it under the sink.  As you need an item, pull it out of the box and put it in the utensil drawer.  At the end of the month, what’s left in the box can go!

– If you’re feeling up to it, label one box “To Sell” and start adding the items that you paid a fortune for and just can’t justify giving away. But be aware, this means you WILL have to have a yard sale in the Spring.

– Don’t spend a fortune on fancy storage units. Try to think of ways to store things that are free. I use the kids’ old beatup lunchboxes to hold small items or pieces, like matchbox cars or Mr. Potato Head pieces. How many pairs of shoes does one stinking potato NEED anyway? Another tip: Keep the Publix plastic bags easy to store and get to with an old baby wipe dispenser. (That’s an Angie tip!)

– Sentiment is for the weak. Just because someone gave it to you doesn’t mean you have to keep it, or display it. Keep the quilt your great grandmother made, but toss the candle that smells like feet that your Aunt Julie gave you.

– Toys are meant to be played with. Kids can’t play with 60 things at a time. Leave out 15 and store the rest in a closet or under the bed tub. An added bonus to this system is when you cycle out and pull some of the stored stuff out, they think it’s Christmas all over again!

– Stand back and look at your room. Then put on your MINIMIZE glasses. Does that knick knack bring meaning to the room or just look like more stuff. Less is more!

– Baby steps! Do one pantry or small room so you can finish it and see the beauty of improvement. It will build you up to tackle the playroom. Or, it will make you start shutting the door to the playroom. The sense of pride you’ll feel at tackling and completing something is so gratifying. Maybe you’ll get addicted to the adrenaline high and get the whole house done in no time! Or again, shut doors until you get to that room.

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