De-Clutter Your Inbox & Be Ready to Save the World

We’ve written here before about organizing your life, de-cluttering and many other ways to streamline your household.  There is one other spot that you may not have looked to for that “neat & organized” high – your computer.  Particularly – your inbox.

If you’re anything like me, your inbox is a list of emails that have nowhere to go.  Either you need to act on them, need to file them away, or need to delete them – they’re there, just waiting.  Looking at you, maybe winking with that “Tee hee hee – I’m clutter” stare they seem to wear oh so well.

So, let’s do this.  Let’s make a mockery of the mess you call an inbox and let’s get it organized.

  1. Delete.  Delete. Delete.  Now I know there are plenty of emails in that pile that you just don’t need.  So go on, rifle through the mess and clear out the immediate clutter now.
  2. File.  Move those needed emails into proper folders for future use.  Go on now, you can do this too.
  3. Take inventory of what’s left.  Can you delete more? Move something you might need to a miscellaneous file?

Using this strategy, I went from over 200 emails in my inbox to zero.  Not zero unread, zero.  Clutter affects you whether it’s physical junk, emotional junk or digital junk.  Do yourself a favor and clear it out, we dare you.  You’ll feel better.

Next stop, the Photo folder!

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