Daylight Savings Time: Reset Your Baby's Clock

We’ll soon be turning back the clocks as Daylight Savings Time is quickly coming to an end, leading many moms to wonder how the time change will affect their baby, especially when it comes to little one’s sleeping patterns. “How will my baby adjust to the time change?” and “Will that mean an even earlier wake up time?” are just a few questions mothers may have. To help ease concerns when worries about baby sleep are top-of-mind, Pampers is partnering with  sleep expert, Kim West, to offer essential sleep tips, not only for Daylights Savings Time, but for the months ahead. Some of Kim’s tips include:

1.       Preparation is key:  Rather than deal with the effects of Daylight Savings on Sunday and the following week or two, you can be proactive in resetting your little one’s body clock.  Since children who are used to going to bed at 7 PM will now be going to bed at 6PM, try putting them to down to nap and to bed later in the days and nights leading up to Daylight Savings fallback to make the transition easier.

2.       Expect some early rising:  Be prepared for some temporary early rising. After all what was 6 am one day, is now 5 am the next day! Be firm about your wake up rules and when everyone can get out of the bed or crib and start their day

3.       Dry babies are happy babies: Very important to note, a dry diaper is key to ensuring your baby sleeps through the night.

4.       Adjust Your Schedule: It may feel strange, but adjusting your schedule to the new clock times on Sunday morning will help everyone to transition easier. Move your meals, naps and bedtimes to sync with the time change. Your baby may need an additional bonus nap to make it until the new later bedtime on Sunday. Though your family may take a few days to completely transition, a gradual change should help to mitigate cranky, tired children.

KIM WEST is a mother of two teenage girls and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been a practicing child and family therapist for more than twenty years. Known as The Sleep Lady® by her clients, she has helped tens of thousands of tired parents all over the world get a good night’s sleep without letting their children cry it out alone. Kim has appeared on Dr. Phil, the Today Show and Good Morning America and is the author of three books: “GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT: The Sleep Lady’s Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Happy”, the “Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook” and “52 Sleep Secrets for Babies”.

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