Creative Children's Art Displays – Because Refrigerator Magnets Just Aren't Going to Cut It

If you remember back a few months ago we did a post on how to store/organize and or display your children’s artwork. We’ll we are coming to the end of another school year and you no doubt have an influx of more adorable masterpieces that need a home. We’ve come up with some more ways for you to stylishly display those little works of art.

A Shadow Box/Box Frame or these DynamicFrames are great because they are dual purpose. They look like a frame, yet have the storage of a box or album. You can always display the newest masterpiece in the front and not have to worry about what to do with last weeks print because it stays safely and neatly put away.

Canvas Masterpiece – Very easy and eye pleasing. Use a canvas to display some of your favorite pieces or make one per year. We’ve been seeing this around and even know of a local company called¬† Big Art Blessings doing them professionally. Because we here at fancy ourselves (albeit loosely) Do it Yourselfers, not to mention the fact that I happened to have 6 blank canvases in storage, we decided to give it a go and I think it turned out ok. A little Mod Podge and placement perfection and you can have a cool piece of art to hang in any room of the house. Now if you aren’t a do it yourselfer or want to kick it up a notch give Big Art Blessings a call, they do really cool stuff, and their technique will also preserve your art.

Placemats – You may have made these before when you were a kid, or maybe with your kid. Have you ever thought about turning those pieces of artwork into a placemat? It’s pretty simple and what’s really nice is that each child can make one, use it at their seat at the table and everyone always knows their place by their artwork. You can also double up and make it 2 sided.

Here’s what you need:

Chosen artwork from your child Рsomething about the size of 11 x 17 Рor smaller, use a current placemat as a guide if needed.  (You can also do a collage by gluing smaller pieces of art onto cardstock)

2 sheets of clear laminate (per mat) approximate size of your artwork or contact paper.

How To:

Cover the artwork on both sides using the laminate paper, following directions on the package.

Trim edges if needed, to add a little flair use pinking shears or other decorative scissors

It doesn’t get much easier than that! And who knows, maybe it will make mealtimes a little easier with something fun to look at.

If you have a creative way to store or display your artwork, we would love to hear about it! Sharing is good!

2 thoughts on “Creative Children's Art Displays – Because Refrigerator Magnets Just Aren't Going to Cut It

  1. I was thinking about having select pieces 3yo’s artwork laminated for hanging in his room, but now I’m a little in love with the canvas idea. I am only a sporadic do-it-yourself-er, but I can locate the Mod Podge in Hobby Lobby. Do you Mod Podge over the art?

    1. Yup! It’s really really easy – The hardest part for me was choosing the pieces. I’ve done one with just that butterfly, and then I did one that was a collage with about 5 pieces on one canvas. More bang for your buck that way and of course you can get different size canvases.. Just mod podge the back of the art place it where you want it.. once you have them all on there and dry, run a coat of mod podge over the top and you’re done!

      God luck! Let me know how it turns out!

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