Consignment Season is Just Around the Corner

It’s that time of year again folks! Time to dig out last year’s wear and scout out the bargains for this year! In the Birmingham area, we have lots of sales to choose from. Some huge, some small – all pretty great! So, let’s go through them, shall we?

First up, the old standby, Kids Market and Mom. After relocation last year, Kids Market and Mom is rolling steady again with what promises to be a huge inventory of clothing, gear and toys to choose from. The sale is now located in the old Foodworld building, at the intersection of Valleydale and Southlake Parkway – just a quick leap off I-65. Fall/Winter ’08 Public Sale dates have been confirmed as Monday, October 6th through Friday, October 17th. Those dates include a few discount days near the end of the sale period. Of course private sale dates are available to both contributors and volunteers so be sure to check that out too. If you plan on contributing, and never have before, it’s pretty easy. Just sign up through the site, obtain your personal barcode, print your tags and hang your clothes. From there, you just drop off at the designated time and wait to pick up your check! Be sure to check out their rules as far as clothes and items go! For more information, visit

Next up is another contender for the Giant Consignment Sale Award. BAMOM (Birmingham Area Moms of Multiples) Sale is one that is sure to please as it is HUGE! Located at the Zamora Temple in Irondale, the sale boasts rows and rows of gently used clothing, gear, toys and home goods. It is big and it is packed! The public sale will be held on August 23, 2008 from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are invitations available for the preview sale on Friday evening (with a two dollar cover charge) – you just gotta know the right person to score one of these. One note about attendance – this event is cash only, come prepared! For more information, visit

Also on the docket with the mega-sales is Kids Wear Plus. Located in Hoover just off Lorna Road, this sale is an ideal stop on the consignment sale highway! The Fall sale dates have been confirmed for August 25th through August 30th. This sale is great as they are very picky with their accepted items so you’re sure to find a bargain. Also, as with most other sales, if you volunteer or consign, you are privy to preview sale dates so you can beat the public crowd. For more information, visit

While those are the biggies, there are many other gems around town this time of year. Many churches host smaller consignment sales that are just as good and host many great finds.

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