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Childrens Hospital of AlabamaWe’re very pleased to welcome a new contributor to the BirminghamMommy team – Amanda from The Mom Job.  You’ll be able to read more from her here very soon.  In the meantime, we want to share something really terrific that she’s doing over at her blog.

On Monday, December 14, 2009, The Mom Job will be hosting a very special benefit post for Children’s Hospital of Alabama. You see, Children’s Hospital of Alabama holds a special place in Amanda’s heart.

Her son Chase was born in Montgomery, Alabama, with a grade 3-4 brain bleed (which is normally defined as a “fatal bleed”). The medical unit in Montgomery were nice and accommodating, but lacked the overall expertise for how to treat his condition seeing as full-term babies without trauma DO NOT form brain bleeds of this magnitude.

Children’s Hospital of Alabama quickly offered to accept Chase and medevaced him to their downtown facilities. During the course of his 8 day stay, Chase, with the help of an amazing team of nurse’s, surgeons, doctors and staff, fought for his life. Miraciously and without further explanation, Chase was released, never shunted and will have his VERY LAST follow-up appointment this month. He is developing “normally” (aside from wanting to eat pennies and crayons…?!), an amazing child and truly a miracle for her and husband Michael.

She and Michael will be donating 10 cents for each comment made on Monday’s post and 10 cents for each “retweet” on Twitter. In addition, there will be a special paypal button set up for those who wish to make their own donation to Children’s Hospital of Alabama. Please visit her Monday to support this awesome cause!

To follow her on twitter: @themomjob

To read her blog:

**Please note – you don’t comment here (not that we don’t love your comments) but for the fundraiser, please visit The Mom Job on Monday, Dec. 14, 2009 for you comments to count in the fundraiser.**

One thought on “Comment for a Cause – Children's Hospital of Alabama Blog Fundraiser

  1. Awesome idea!! 🙂 Praise the Lord for Chase’s miracle– and Praise Him, also, for ALL of the WoNdErFuL, AMAZINGLY Dedicated and talented surgeons, doctors, nurses, aides and other staff at Children’s Hospital!!!!! My son, Ethan, had pyloric stenosis as a 10-week-old infant in 1998, and had to have an operation at Children’s, and then another in 2005 (tonsillectomy x2)– I STILL praise the Lord whenever I think of all of the physicians who worked so expertly on him!
    Thanks for doing this project; may God bless you all with long, healthy, happy lives that you spend serving Him!!!! Amen! 🙂

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