Real Estate Resolutions

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell this year, there are some real estate resolutions that buyers and sellers can, and should make. Here are a few to consider: Buyers: Clean your Financial House and get it in order. Planning to buy a home takes time and effort. Plan to meet with a Mortgage Broker ... Read More

Partners in Kids Health: Is This an Emergency? COVID-19 Version

Your child doesn’t feel well, but should you take him to the emergency department? Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a child requires urgent medical treatment or if the concern can wait. Dr. Eric Jorge is a pediatric emergency medicine fellow at Children’s of Alabama. He’s seen children come to the emergency department who could ... Read More

31 Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

It seems like each year there is an Elf on the Shelf Creativity, my facebook feed is constantly filled with all of these crazy creative things that my Mommy peers are doing with their Elf, all while ours pretty much just sits on his shelf forgetting to even move most nights. So, if you’re like ... Read More

Have you outgrown your home?

Many homeowners are surprised when they suddenly realize that the “perfect” home they’ve had for just a few years no longer suits their needs. From an expanding family to an empty nest, it’s common for a home to no longer be the right fit. If you’re unsure if you’ve reached the point where a move ... Read More

Staying Safe at Every Age: Preventing Childhood Injuries

Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability to U.S. children. According to the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, 20 children die each day as a result of preventable injuries – resulting in more deaths than all other diseases combined. Motor vehicle crashes, choking, burns, falls, drowning and poisoning are just some of the ... Read More

The BIG McWane Discount 2020

The BIG McWane Discount 2020 We’re partnering with the McWane Science Center again this year, and we’re offering Birmingham Moms (and Dads!) some BIG Savings! We’re offering this AMAZING discount of $20 off any basic membership level to our readers, and it’s good for 1 week only!! November 15th – November 21st. It’s one of ... Read More

13 Ways to Get Rid of Scary Smells in Your Home

You’re busy during fall and cleaning can pile on fast, making your home a horror zone for odors. Eerie smells and bacteria can lurk in your couches, carpets and curtains, making your home smell a bit spooky. Oust Foul Funk: Open your windows and air out your home during the day. Ultraviolet components from sunlight ... Read More

At-Home Family Night Activities

Cooler winter months are coming and our time spent outside will be limited. Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities that the entire family can do together at home. Here are a few to inspire your own family: 1. Movie Night—This is a simple activity that everyone will enjoy. Every time you have a movie ... Read More

Drive Thru Trick or Treating at Lowes

Halloween is expected to look different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, with health officials advising against traditional trick-or-treating. But national chain, Lowe’s Home Improvement plans to offer an alternative. The home improvement retailer announced Monday it will have “drive-through curbside trick-or-treating” at Lowe’s stores nationwide Oct. 22 and 29 from 6 to 7 p.m. ... Read More

Partners In Kids Health: Is it the Flu or Covid-19

These past several months have brought a lot of uncertainty during a global pandemic with fears of COVID-19. Now, as we enter cold and flu season, medical professionals are even more concerned. Delphene Noland is the manager of Infectious Disease Control and Prevention at Children’s of Alabama. She’s concerned that families, already fatigued from the ... Read More