What Does a Buyer’s Agent Do

After helping many first time home buyers successfully buy their dream home, Scott and Sophia noticed something that they wanted to share with as many future first time home buyers as possible! What they noticed was that several of these buyers weren’t aware that they had the ability to use a buyer’s agent to represent ... Read More

Spring Wardrobe Essentials for Fashionable Moms

With the flowers in full bloom and the sun gloriously shining, spring is a season of new beginnings. And there’s no better way to get this sense of renewal by breathing some new life into your closet. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or drastic changes, as all you’ll need are these essentials for a ... Read More

Perspectives of COVID-19 from a Pediatric Psychologist

By Dan Marullo, Ph.D. With COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, we are now tasked to change our personal and collective behavior. It is understandable that many will experience fear, anxiety and anger in the coming days and weeks. This is normal and certainly a typical reaction to a crisis. However, whether we respond with grace ... Read More

Little girl holding pencil doing school work

5 Tips for Students (and Parents) Dealing with Online Schooling

Many Americans are familiar with the acronym WFH (Work From Home); however, not as many are familiar with the similar acronym SFH (School From Home). As U.S. schools and colleges nationwide react to the global coronavirus pandemic, many education institutions are moving classes online—or planning to—and students are having to deal with the transition to ... Read More

boy with caribiners, and climbing equipment

5 Reasons Parents Send Their Kids to Camp

Summer is just around the corner and we’ve got the skinny on why many parents send their kids to camp each Summer. The American Camps Association (ACA) is a community all about promoting the benefits of Camp to kids nationwide. In the Summer, they concluded a 5-year long research project looking into the effects of ... Read More

5 Tips for Spring Home Buyers

It might still technically be winter, but when it comes to the housing market, Spring is here! Spring has historically been the busiest buying season, but as competition for homes heats up across the country, January and February have become the new April. Inventory is low and there is an increase in the number of ... Read More

Time Saving Cleaning Hacks for Moms

So much to clean, so little time! Especially when you’re a busy parent. If you’re not running kids around to all of their activities, they’re probably home messing up faster than you can clean up. With rooms, appliances, and furniture, around-the-home cleaning can be overwhelming. Stanley Steemer is here to show you how some cleaning ... Read More

Graphic of world read aloud day 2020

World Read Aloud Day: 20 Read Aloud Books Your Family Will Love

For 11 years, World Read Aloud Day has called attention to the importance of sharing stories by challenging participants to grab a book, find an audience, and read aloud! The global effort is now celebrated in over 173 countries and counting! Here are 20 books, perfect for reading aloud to the whole family! The Paperboy ... Read More

Tips on Protecting Your Home This Winter

As temperatures continue to drop and frost visits your home each morning, feeling more like January, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your home from the colder weather. Most of you have probably heard and are familiar with the tips we hear about on the news- leaving the water dripping, opening the cabinet doors ... Read More

Cold or Flu? How to know the difference

The winter months are cold and flu season… sore throats and coughs are common in kiddos, maybe even a fever. So, as parents, how can we tell the difference when both the cold and flu present similar symptoms? According to Children’s of Alabama, the flu hits a lot harder than a cold does, and a ... Read More