Working Mommy Madness: I Quit!

I quit my job. I did it two days before Christmas. I couldn’t stop sweating as I made the phone call. My voice had this weird shrilly pitch that comes ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness: What I Know for Sure

By Harmony Hobbs: Oprah does this thing in her magazine called What I Know For Sure. It’s an editorial piece she writes every month and although I feel like I’m ... Read More

By: Harmony Hobbs Ugh … daycare. How I loathe and love you. The hardest part of being a working mommy is the issue of childcare. I love to work, but ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness – Hormone Hell

By: Harmony Hobbs I wish to discuss the power of the female hormone. Specifically, the power that it has over ME. You see … I’m pregnant. But before that, I ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness – Resolution Rebellion

Hello, 2011. I had to endure 48 hours cooped in a 1,500 square foot house with my two-year-old and my in-laws to get here.  I witnessed my husband’s 86-year-old great-aunt ... Read More