Cat and the Hat Playdate!

Celebrate Seuss this week with a themed out playdate! We hit up our trusty Pinterest and found some really cute ideas, invite your friends over, read a few books and try one of these adorable crafts or games or snacks!

Play Hop on Pop! Cut out a square of bubble wrap for each child. Read Hop on Pop aloud, and every time the children hear a word that rhymes with “hop” they get to pop a bubble. When the book is finished, the kids can “hop” on their squares to “pop” the remaining bubbles.

Fox in Socks – for the older children maybe a game of Jenga. For the smaller kids get out your blocks and see who can stack the most “bricks.”

Have all the children sit around a pile of socks and set a timer, see which child can put the most socks on one foot in the time allotted.

Organize an egg hunt (use plastic eggs!) to act out “Scrambled Eggs Super!

For Food:

Make a Cat and the Hat pizza by rolling your dough into a rectangle, add your sauce then using pepperoni and cheese, make the “stripes” of the hat.

For Snacks, goldfish of course would be perfect for One Fish, Two Fish… Create an edible centerpiece inspired by Fox in Socks by using a styrofoam cup with cheese cubes stuck into it with toothpicks. Easy Breezy Cheese trees!

We found these adorable little Cat Hats via Pinterest from Fancy Frugal Life –

What you’ll need:

Red gummy life savers
White icing

What you’ll Do:

Pull the top off of an Oreo, leaving the icing
Layer your gummies with the white icing

In addition to celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday this week, we are super excited about The Lorax hitting the big screen – make your own Truffla Trees by using cotton candy and pretzel sticks. Super Easy, super cute!

How will you be celebrating Dr. Seuss this week?


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