Car Seat Safety, New Guidelines.

We mentioned earlier this week on our Facebook page that the AAP had amended their guidelines on children in forward facing carseats. They now recommend that children stay rear facing until at least the age of 2, or until they meet the height and weight limits for their car seat.  What does this mean?

Remember these are guidelines, not a law, yet. We all want to keep our snuggle bugs as safe as possible for well, forever. Here are the facts that led to these new recommendations. “A 2007 study found that children under age two are 75 percent less likely to die or to be severely injured in a crash if they are rear-facing. Another study found riding rear-facing to be five times safer than forward-facing.”

Many Moms we heard from said absolutely without a doubt this makes sense. Some stating that their children over the age of 2 are still rear facing and they have no plans to make the switch any time soon. Others are more skeptical and concerned about their children’s comfort level and even cited political motivation behind the decision by the AAP, turning this into a bit of a hot topic for Moms everywhere.

While we are certain that the guidelines will continue to evolve over the years, making some adjustments to your car travel may be necessary sooner rather than later if the guidelines eventually become law.

So, if you’re planning to leave your child rear facing even after he/she grows out of those infant seats, here are a few seats available to accommodate those older kiddos.

Sunshine Kids Radian XT SL – Rear-facing children 5 – 45 lbs and forward-facing children 20-80 lbs in a 5-point harness. Its steel alloy frame is NCaP crash tested making it the strongest car seat in the world. Our  SuperLATCH system ensures the easiest installation possible using the vehicle’s lower anchors up to 80 lbs – no seat belt required. a height adjustable, aluminum-reinforced head support and protective ePS foam surround the child’s head and body to provide the most complete side impact protection of any car seat, and the SafeStop energy absorbing harness system. Radian’s low profile offers easy child boarding and its unique design provides more shoulder room yet still fits 3-across in a car. Memory foam padding and infant support pillows provide additional comfort. all this and RadianXTsl can fold flat for convenient travel and storage.

Safety 1st Complete Convertible Car Seat – 1 in 3 fatal child car accidents are due to a side-impact collision — almost all of which involve head trauma. Besides the side-impact protection, one of the best features of the Safety 1st Complete Air is its longevity, as it can be used rear-facing from 5-40 lbs. and then forward-facing from 22-65 lbs. Plus, the head-restraint pads adjust easily up and down to accommodate taller babies, making it one of the longest lasting car seats you’ll find.

Graco My Ride – An innovative convertible car seat. My Ride 65 stays rear-facing up to 40 lbs. – longer than most other car seats in the US. Then, it secures your forward-facing child in a 5-point harness until he is 65 lbs. (the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends your child stay harnessed as long as possible). Other features like EPS, energy absorbing foam, side-impact testing*, removable infant insert and toddler headrest help keep your child snug and secure on all his journeys.

If you need a refresher on some Car Seat Safety tips, check out this article that we ran a while back after speaking with the founder of SitTight.

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