Can we prevent a fashion-obsession? Should we?

Just about every mom asks herself the following questions… What’s in style this season? What’s the latest trend?

And then we say (silently) to ourselves, I have nothing to wear and I am not in style. *Is this how we want our daughters to talk to themselves?

I propose we ask ourselves this: What’s truly important?

We all want to look fabulous and current, but we don’t need to take our cues from couture or high fashion magazines. Sure, it’s fun to look at the trends and get ideas, but we shouldn’t feel “less than” the women who wear $600 heels that are 6” high. It’s okay to wear jeans and cotton shirts. I’m not advocating “letting go” of yourself, but I am asking that we let go of this ridiculous notion that we should spend our precious time and money on things that only last for a short time.

Having kids changes us, as it should. I used to look at clothes in a different way. It was a high priority. Now, I feel like I don’t care about what brands I’m wearing and I don’t care if someone knows this shirt came from TJ Maxx. On top of that, I have a daughter and I’m trying to teach her about what’s really important. My “important” list has changed in the past 10 years, and that’s something to be proud of.  Now I buy clothes for my kids more than myself. I feel proud that they go to school each day in clean, respectable clothes. They don’t need the $400 Marc Jacobs flats that Beyonce’s infant was wearing.

Have your priorities changed? Are you proud of it?

I’m trying to pass this onto my daughter:
Wear what makes you comfortable, but remember—clothes don’t make you anything. Your actions make you kind, intelligent, and beautiful.

What’s your message to your kids?

Note: Now, if you love fashion, that’s a different story. In that case, it’s your hobby and I’m all for devoting time and reasonable resources towards a hobby you enjoy. I love reading so I devote time and money to books. It’s okay to feel that way about fashion. I just think too many women beat themselves up because they don’t go to the grocery store looking like a rock star.


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