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Bring Your Own Baby!

Sorry if you thought this post would be about bringing adult beverages into the movie…. although, would that be such a bad idea?

As a parent of little ones, and a parent who likes to go to the movies, I have often wondered how to mix the two. I was always afraid that a large movie theater would be too loud for their little ears, or their “little” screams would be too loud for the other movie goers. Thanks to Am Star Cinemas in Alabaster, we can have the best of both worlds.

Am Star Cinemas sponsors a program for parents and their little ones. In a special auditorium, with lighting maintained at half level, and sound adjusted to a comfortable social level, you are free to take your little ones into the movie without the pressure of having to make sure they don’t disturb the entire theater, in fact cooing is encouraged!

Am Star Cinemas – Alabaster
Every Tuesday – Times and Shows will vary.

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