Busy Mommy Bonding Series: Colors

This month the theme is COLORS!

We’re all moms, and we know how busy life gets.  It’s hard to find meaningful activities to share with your children when there are literally millions out there.  Especially the 9-5 moms who come home and have only a few precious hours, of which dinnertime and bathtime take up most.   So we decided to start a series of BirminghamMommy tested, BirminghamMommy approved activities- every month we’ll share 2-3 fun and not-so-complicated-it-makes-you-quit-halfway-through projects.    Gather your supplies ahead of time and be ready for some serious bonding time with your babe!

Activity:  Color mixing,  This  shows kids how two colors can combine to make a new one.  It’s a very tactile and sensory oriented activity great for all learners.

Sandwich baggies

This is easy- put some ketchup in one corner of a baggie, then the same amount of mustard in the other corner.  Seal it.  Double check that you sealed it, trust me on this one.  Then let your kids squeeze their little hearts out.  (If you’re one of those free spirited parents, you can even let them do this with bare hands and no baggie.  But that’s just crazy to me.)   Talk to the kids about the change that’s happening, pointing out that red plus yellow makes a new color.  (Technically they make orange, but because of the darker coloring of the mustard, it turns out brown.)

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