Busy Mommy Bonding Series: Colors

This week we are focusing on rainbows and multi colors. We’ve got 2 really simple activities, like really really simple.

For the first activity you will need to remember the colors of the rainbow…… Come on…. you can do it! Remember this? Roy G Biv

Here’s what you need:

A strip of ribbon (about 4ft long) in each of the rainbow colors – Some of these colors may be hard to find but just go with what you have.


1 stick to tie ribbon to. We used an old bubble wand, they work great.

Directions: Tie the ribbon to the wand in the order of the colors of the rainbow. That’s it. You have a great little activity for teaching colors and they walk away with a fun ribbon wand to play with.

Our next activity is a great way to teach multiple colors to the younger set. Here’s what you need for this activity.

1 empty egg carton
Easter Eggs
Markers to match your Easter egg colors

Directions: Cut the egg carton down to the number of colors you want to teach. Even numbers work better and if you have 12 different egg colors you won’t have to cut at all. Use a different color marker to color posts between each section. Have your child place the blue egg in the blue section, yellow egg in the yellow section and so on.

Again, that’s it. A super simple activity for fun with the little ones.

A great book or two to read along with these activities would be Rainbow Rob by: Roger Priddy Or Shiny Touchy Smelly Colors by: Dawn North. Take a look through your childs book collection, you are bound to have several books about colors or rainbows! You might be surprised at just how many are hidden in there!

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