Busy Mommy Bonding – Popcorn Snowmen

In the spirit of all things Winter Storm 2011 – we decided to stick with the theme and show you some snowmen you can actually build inside. The storm seemed to have dumped more ice than snow in our yard so our attempts at making snowmen out of ice failed miserably, leaving some little ones wanting to still make a snow family. So here’s what we did.

What you’ll Need:

Popped Popcorn (about a 1/2 batch or bag)
2T Butter
1/2 Bag of marshmallows
Misc candies for dressing your snow man. Hershey kisses make great hats, mini m & m’s  or mini chocolate chips for buttons, fruit roll ups for scarves (cut to size of course)  Pretzels for arms.. Use your imagination. No need to go out and spend extra money, use what you find in your kitchen or candy bowl.

What you’ll do:

Melt butter and marshmallows together over medium heat (a la Rice Krispy Treats)
Mix butter and marshmallows with popcorn

When mixture has cooled enough, allow your kids to shape the mixture into balls to use for their snowman. Make sure to do several sizes. Once your snowmen are assembled, decorate!

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