Busy Mommy Bonding: Coffee Filter Leaves

Halloween might be over but fall isn’t! We’re bringing a little bit of fall indoors. If you’re a coffee drinker you may have everything you need in your kitchen for this craft.

What you’ll need:

Coffee Filters
Food Coloring (Yellow, Red, Orange)
Wax paper
Old medicine or eye dropper

What you do:

Cut your coffee filters into leaf shapes. Don’t be afraid to free hand them, it’s really not all that hard, I promise! Once you have all of your leaves cut out lay them on your wax paper. Mix up a couple of little cups of food coloring and use your dropper to drop the food coloring onto the “leafs.” Then watch as your plain white leaves turn into these colorful little decorations.

Use them loose to decorate tables or grab a stick or branch for the back yard and attach your leaves to the stick(s.) Put them in a vase and make a cute fall centerpiece for your table!

Happy Fall!

4 thoughts on “Busy Mommy Bonding: Coffee Filter Leaves

  1. I did a similar version of this with my boys. Before starting, we used a hole puncher to make a hole on one edge a half inch in. We used markers, not the washable kind, and colored them in different designs, put them in a shallow dish of water just to moisten allowing the markers to bleed into a really cool watercolor effect and let them dry. Then use thread to make hangable handmade artwork. You can also use cookie cutters as a stencil before cutting to have different designs. If you have a laminating machine you can make them durable enough for Christmas decorations or unique bookmarks.

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