Busy Mommy Bonding: Christmas Fun! Don't Forget to Feed the Reindeer

We all know that Santa loves his cookies and milk but have you been forgetting that the reindeer really do all of the work? It must take a lot of energy to pull a fat man around the world with a sled loaded down with toys!

This year, use this simple recipe to make some food for Rudolf and the gang.

You can even print this cute little tag for free and take them to your gatherings for your cousins and friends. This is a great activity for the little ones to do.

What you’ll need:

  • Uncooked Oat
  • Sugar
  • Sprinkles or glitter (any color you want or have on hand)
  • Bowls
  • Something to scoop with

What you’ll do:

  • Mix up a scoop of each ingredient above for every bag of food you want to make.
  • Put it in a little zip lock bag and staple the poem on the front.


We poured all of the ingredients in to separate bowls, gave each child a bowl of their own to mix in, a scoop and let them “mix” their own food.

Sprinkle on your lawn before bedtime on Christmas Eve and make sure the reindeer have plenty of energy to finish their job!

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