Blogging: It's not just for Moms anymore

Seems like over the past few years having a kid not only made you a Mommy, it made you a blogger too. It’s as if the doctor was delivering a child and a cute little blog name all at the same time. “Congratulations It’s a girl! Your blog will be called ‘The Incoherent Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived Mom.’  Good luck with that, I’ll see you when the stitches heal.”

Moms start their blogs for many reasons, to journal the life of their sweet babes, to update friends and family who aren’t around every day, to gripe, to cope, to find a little peace in a world that has shocked their systems. They craft, they cook, they clean up poop, they blog. But more and more Dads are stepping up to their keyboards or iPads and who knew? They’re actually very entertaining and they have a lot to say.

What is driving these Daddys to step into this virtual world and share their deep-dark secrets? I have to imagine that if they are in the role of a Stay at Home Parent, they are going through many of the same things we have as New Moms….minus the postpartum depression, and having to sit on an inflatable doughnut for weeks after giving birth. One might say that their feelings of being terrified and out of place trump our own, after all, we have those “motherly instincts” to fall back on.

Adrian Kulp,  the hysterical Dad behind the edgy, tell-it-like-it-is blog, Dad or Alive, found himself blogging after becoming an “unexpected Stay and Home Dad” living in Los Angeles, California. He chronicles his days of diaper changing, playing at the playground, and shares what it’s like to be the only Dad there and what it’s like trying to convince the Soccer Moms and Nannies that he is an “unemployed, devoted father and not some seedy weirdo with a candy van that hangs out at playgrounds during the day.”

Another Daddy Blogger site we find funny and entertaining is DadCentric – it’s a gathering of sorts of several daddy bloggers and writers who are staging a revolution to “overthrow the outdated notions of fatherhood.” On their site you will find stories, essays and reviews. Just like many of the mom-blogging sites you might already be familiar with.

Many Daddy Bloggers are getting in on the product reviews and giveaways and why shouldn’t they? If they are the ones staying home and putting the product to use, then their opinion is the one the company needs.

So, whether they are stay at home dads, or dads that just take the time to write about their life as a father in general, Dads are pretty darn funny and I hope to see more and more of them join the bloggy world!

Do you know of a Daddy Blogger we should be following? Let us know!

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