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What a Mommy wants…
It’s that time of year again, get ready for the Market!  We took a sneak peek tonight and we found so much great stuff.  This year seems to be especially good in the areas of clothes for us, cute scarves, college team items, and of course the cute kids’ clothes.  Here are our picks for the “must have” Market items!

This may be my favorite item– it is the perfect vintage bag.  It’s in the DeJaVu booth, and there were only a few.

This top from “V” is super soft and hangs well-not too fitted and not loose.  The adornment of rosette and feathers is subtle and dramatic at the same time.

This outfit is a good representation of the adorable kids’ clothes offered at the Market.  This set is so cute, you may ovulate just from looking at it.  It’s in the Piperbrooke booth.  (They also have gameday outfits for kids.)

Tracy Negoshian has a great selection of gameday outfits for us- plenty of choices and all of them are flattering.

Great tops and scarves, as well as some great belt buckles at the Make a Statement! booth.

The puppy purse will make a little girl very happy!  Tons of cute stuff- all very unique.  This is a new vendor and we’re excited to see what everyone thinks of their stuff!

Gifts and Gratitude booth has the cool scarves of the season- scrappy knot scarves that go with everything.  You can get yours in team colors, or in non-college football combinations. 😉

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