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We asked Daphne Rush, a local make-up artist and owner of Birmingham Beauties, a local makeup artist service, for a few tips that could help us out a bit. We’re all short on time – so there’s no way we can go full glam with our makeup everyday. Thankfully, Daphne agreed to help us out and answer a few of our questions.

What three items would you say a gal should never go without?

Before you leave home, take 60 seconds to apply this power trio: tinted moisturizer (sunscreen, moisture, AND coverage), mascara (i’m sure this is already in your “must-apply” pile but just to reiterate… mascara wakes you up!), and a stain for your lips and cheeks (one item, two functions… the look will come alive).

What are the crucial steps for taking care of our skin?

There are some crucial steps for caring for your skin. Two that you certainly won’t regret later in life are cleansing and moisturizing.

Cleansing removes not only makeup but all of the dirt and debris from the environment that you encountered that day. These particles can dull and age your skin if you skip a washing.

Moisturizer is a must no matter your skin type. I’m talking hydration! Dehydration is the most noticeable form of aging skin. To save time and increase benefit, choose a moisturizer with sunscreen. The sun is the other #1 ager of skin, so why not kill two birds with one stone when you are in a hurry?

Aside from these two, when you have the time, a treatment serum will give you major results. Whether you want to reverse signs of sun damage or add firmness, this “treat”ment step is where you’ll see the best change. It’s not a critical step, yet it is beneficial.

What are the fall trends this year?

This fall, makeup trends are as follows: for skin “glowing” is the word. High-def formulas are where it’s at for perfect looking skin that looks natural.

On the eyes you’ll see smokey browns, golds, and even colors of the forest such as greens. In addition to this earthy palette, the “cat-eye” is making a comeback. A cat-eye is a nude eye with a very dramatized winged-out black liner.

The brows will be natural and the cheeks will be contoured! The lips could go nude or berry based on what you have chosen for your eyes.

What one item should always be in a gal’s purse before she heads out into the world?

I always keep clear lipbalm in my purse. I know this sounds plain and boring but did you know you can also smooth lines under the eye with it? What about tame flyaway brow hairs with it? Oh… and its also great on the lips. Many, many more functions to be discovered!

What’s a little-known tip/trick that you’d like to share with our readers?

Buy a pink eyeshadow. Why? Have you ever struggled with concealer under the eye? It just doesn’t seem to stay, or cover anything up? Pink eyeshadow, swept under your eye along the orbital bone, will create a back-lit color corrected effect, as well as form a bond with your creamy concealer for longer wear.

Daphne Rush is a local makeup artist who owns her own freelancing/lesson business, Birmingham Beauties. Birmingham Beauties offers on-site wedding makeup, specialty makeup for photo shoots, as well as lessons. She has worked at Riverchase Sephora for the past three years, and is a part of their elite Pro Beauty Team. Her input on beauty has been published on as well as Good Housekeeping. To reach Daphne, please visit

Photo Credit:
Model: Tina S.
Photographer: Dave Dern
Makeup/Hair: Daphne Rush

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