BirminghamMommy Goes Green!: On the Road

All month long we’ll be featuring quick and easy (like really) ways to help Birmingham Moms go green (ok, it’s so easy it may be chartreuse).

In this edition of BirminghamMommy Goes Green, we’re taking it on the road! You know that you and I have some vacations (ok, so mine are mini – but they’re vacations nonetheless!) lined up. So what’s a chic BirminghamMommy to do while out and about in this fabulous world of ours? Why, pick up the litter, that’s what! Ok, so we’re not asking you to walk the interstates picking up trash on the way to the beach (although if you do that, you’re way way way ahead on the green journey than us and we bow to your greatness.) No, all we’re saying is when you get to your destination, pick up behind yourself (and others if you’re so inclined). Why not, right?

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