BirminghamMommy Goes Green!: Get Rid of the Junk (Mail, that is)

All month long we’ll be featuring quick and easy (like really) ways to help Birmingham Moms go green (ok, it’s so easy, it may be chartreuse.)

You and I both know that all of those catalogs that await for you each day in your mailbox are not good for your wallet’s chi. The daily barrage of things just waiting to be purchased so they can take up more space in your house is not what you need. Afterall, you’re a smart, independent woman and if you need something, you know where to find it! So, instead of dealing with the daily catalog assault, try to get off their lists instead (Try, just try, they’ll still find you my pretty!)

You’re wondering, how do we do that BirminghamMommy? Well, a good place to start is here
So, get to work now, and you’ll spend a lot less time sorting through the mail and a whole lot more time catching up on your dvr playing with the kids.

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