Birmingham Zoo Launches Virtual Zoo on Social Media

Birmingham Zoo Launches Virtual Zoo on Social Media

The Birmingham Zoo has successfully launched a virtual zoo on social media. Already having gained thousands of views across the country, the new content aims to keep guests at home connected to the organization and animals they love.

Dedicated Zoo staff have constructed a clever way to offer viewers a unique look inside the Zoo and provide access to our signature camps and programs. Guests who follow our Facebook and Instagram will have a wonderful opportunity to virtually tour the grounds and behind the scenes areas, learn what’s new at the Zoo, and meet their animal neighbors too.

Beginning Monday, March 23 the Zoo will host Virtual Zoo Camp on Facebook each weekday at 11am. Each 10-minute episode will include an engaging activity for the entire family to enjoy. Episodes will range from special behind the scenes tours of the Zoo, interesting lessons about animals and Birmingham Zoo conservation work in our own backyard and all around the world. The Zoo’s Education staff will be online to answer questions and chat with our virtual campers about the day’s lesson.

In addition to offering virtual programs, the Birmingham Zoo’s social media will continue to highlight various animals through our Meet the Neighbors campaign. Each day at 1pm, viewers will have a chance to watch a short clip of our animals, learn about their behaviors, and meet the Animal Care Professionals who care for them daily. Zoo Members will also receive an email video every Monday with exclusive content just for them.

“The Zoo truly values our supporters,” says Birmingham Zoo President and CEO, Chris Pfefferkorn. “We want to ensure now, more than ever, that they stay connected to our animals and programs. Our staff has an opportunity to provide a positive impact in a very uncertain time for many individuals throughout the community. The support we have received has been immense and heartfelt—this is just a small way we can show our gratitude.”

Guests can follow the Zoo’s social media platforms at,, and on our website at

Social Media Program Schedule

Please note: this schedule is tentative and subject to change

Virtual Zoo Camp : Monday – Friday @ 11am on Facebook

March 23 – Animal Nutrition Tour
March 24 – Coloration/Camouflage
March 25 – Animal Tracking
March 26 – Veterinary Team (Birds)
March 27 – Zooniverse
March 30 – Training Class
March 31 – Bird Beaks
April 1 – Adaptations
April 2 – Careers

Meet the Neighbors : Daily @ 1pm on Facebook & Instagram

March 23 – Lion Feeding
March 24 – Animals Exploring Zoo
March 25 – Goat Weighing
March 26 – Fishing Cat
March 27 – Sea Lion Training
March 28 – Flying Birds
March 29 – Collective Nouns
March 30 – Hawk Training
March 31 – Otter Enrichment
April 1 – Mr. Whiskers on Henley Park
April 2 – Shake It Off
April 3 – I Love Bham Zoo

Member Exclusive Email Video : Every Monday

March 23 -Flamingo Roundup
March 30 – Bobcat Training

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