Birmingham Moms Rock! Voting

Thanks for all of your votes!!! Voting is now closed.

13 thoughts on “Birmingham Moms Rock! Voting

  1. Kona Romans is a great candidate. She is totally devoted to her kids and family. But, she also finds time to share her knowledge and expertise with others as an instructor at ITT Tech. She is a humble person who gives so freely of her time and concern!

    1. I have known Kona for more than five years and she helped me when my first daughter was born and little Nate was about a month old. She is kind, nuturing, patient and best of all a great friend, mother and wife! Miss you – from Kentucky!

  2. Jennifer has truly had the weight of the world on her shoulders and has carried it with grace . She is totally devoted to her daughter and Charles. . Jennifer is a humble person who gives so freely of her love and time. I know she is the next Birmingham Rockin Mom
    Brenda Cook

  3. WOW! This is such a fun promotion. I am honored to be a top finalist. I know that everyone that decides to be a mom ROCKS. And can’t wait to meet the other wonderful moms that are finalists on September 16 at the FUN party! I hope that as a reader you will consider giving me a vote! Thanks and rock on all you fabulous moms out there! We are all truly blessed. Keri.

  4. Kona Romans is an outstanding candidate. She is a devoted wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt, and friend. She gives unselfishly without every expecting anything in return. Kona has my vote.

  5. Nicola Stephens is one of the best moms out there! She is always thinking of others without any thought of how her kindness will tire or trouble her. It’s wonderful she has been nominated as she rarely ever gives herself any credit for the imaginative and loving mother that she is. I’m sure if you know her you’ll feel the same so cast for vote for Nicola. She deserves this wonderful honor!!

    1. Hey all– Just wanted to personally apologize for the down time on the voting– From time to time it has to “pause” to tally large numbers of votes that come in, it’s a good problem to have when you’re getting so many votes that it locks the form up, but I know how annoying and incovenient it is! Thanks so much for participating, the voting form is back up and ready.

  6. I am voting for Brandy Dahlen. Just months after the tragic loss of her 2 year old daughter Abigail, she is staying strong, raising her 4 children and supporting her husband through a terribly difficult time, one of which I think I would be crushed under with that magnitude of grief, yet she goes on for her family. She is amazing. She is still homeschooling and maintaining the vision for their family even when it would probably be easier to just send her children away to school so she can curl up in a dark corner and grieve, but she doesn’t. She deserves this award. It won’t bring her precious baby girl back. It won’t stop her grief, but it may, for one brief moment, put a smile on her face and that is priceless thing to see right now from her. I would appreciate anybody’s votes for Brandy Dahlen.

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