Birmingham Moms Crave Consignment.

Consignment season is here. Bam! Right on top of us again. Moms all over the city are scrambling to find wire hangers and are digging themselves out from beneath the tubs and tubs of baby clothes they’ve been resisting getting rid of for sentimental reasons, but if you’re like me, resistance is futile. The time has come to start tagging those sweet, sweet infant outfits and reclaiming some of that attic space. Tears optional.

If you’ve never participated in a consignment sale, fear not, we have some advice for the novice consignor, maybe our pro’s will even be able to pick up a tip or two as well. We spoke with Kim Meadows of Kids Market and Mom, one of the largest consignment sales here in the Magic City, and she was happy to give us the lowdown on what you need to know to make the sales successful whether your selling or buying.

Kim believes that consignment sales are so popular among Moms with small children because of the fact that children out grow their clothes so fast. Most of the time children grow out of them before they have a chance to even show a little wear and tear. “It is a small way to recoup some money that you have put into every item that we purchase for our children, and the buyer benefits for gently used clothing and items without paying the high prices.” says Meadows.

If this is your first time to contribute, look thoroughly at each item you plan to sell. Items sell best when they are clean, pressed, in style and have a detailed description. Check for stains, buttons, make sure that zippers are zipping and do your homework on recalled items. Meadows suggests putting yourself in the buyers shoes, “would you want to buy something that you couldn’t use or that might cause harm or danger to your children?”

If you’re just shopping, take a laundry basket to put your items in, some people will even tie a belt or rope to the basket so it’s easy to pull along as they shop. I didn’t know this the first time I shopped, and wished I would have had a place to put the items I ended up carrying around for 2 hours.  Take a breath and don’t get overwhelmed, just take it one rack at a time. Kim advises having the measurements of the children you are buying for, with most consignment sales, all sales are final. “Remember that these clothes have been worn and washed, be prepared for shrinkage.” Not all size 3T’s will fit like a new 3T.

Most sales offer shopping perks for consignors or volunteers, but each sale is different. Some sales charge a listing fee in addition to the percentage they keep for items sold. The best way to find out what sale is right for you is to check out each website. Look at the dates, the locations, and the fees involved and see what works best with your schedule. We even know some BirminghamMommy’s that are advantageous enough to plan their sales so that “rejects” from their first sale can be included in a sale that starts a little later in the season. Why not? The items are already tagged, it’s worth a shot.

For more information on these sales and a complete list of dates and locations, make sure to check our Mother of all Consignment Sale Lists

What are you waiting for? Get to tagging and get ready to throw some elbows to get those good deals! Happy Consigning!

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