Birmingham Mommy Goes Green! Dining Out Edition

All month long we’ll be featuring quick and easy (like really) ways to help Birmingham Moms go green (ok, it’s so easy it may be chartreuse).

So, how can we make an impact (or not make one) when we’re out and about on the town? Hmmm…..well, as much as I’d like to mainly eat at restaurants with cloth napkins, you and I both know that doesn’t happen often enough. So, what’s a girl to do when she’s stuck at Chick-Fil-A again? Try to only take one napkin per person – rather than grabbing a stack as I, oops, some people do.

GASP! I know you moms out there are saying “I can’t do that BirminghamMommy! My kids slather Polynesian sauce from one end of their grubby little arms to the other!” – well you’ll never know until you try, right? Besides, we know you carry and arsenal of baby wipes in your bag for times like these, break them out if you just have to.

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