Birmingham Mommy: Gift Ideas- Thumbprint Necklaces

The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time to find some thoughtful and creative gift suggestions. At we’re always on the lookout for a unique gift that won’t break our budget. We’ll be showcasing some of these finds for you!

Our first find is a Thumbprint Necklace. It’s adorable, thoughtful, and affordable! Grandparents will flip for it, and really anyone who is close to your kiddos will love it. (I had one made for my mom, mother-in-law, and snuck one in for myself too!)
All you do is take your kid(s) in, do a quick thumbprint and then wait a few days for the kiln to do it’s magic to the silver. And for $40 for up to 4 small thumbs, it’s a great deal.

So head to Do*It*Yourself Crafts in Homewood and let the friendly staff help you get started. My mom and MIL LOVED their necklaces! It’s kind of a modern take on the traditional birthstone necklaces from our grandmothers’ days. DIYC’s website is here, in case you need directions.

**Special TIP*** You get 4 smalls for $40, so if you only have one child, you could make 4 necklaces, 2 kids could make 2.

One thought on “Birmingham Mommy: Gift Ideas- Thumbprint Necklaces

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! A special leading up to Christmas is that you get a free neckwire with each pack of silver.

    If this is something that YOU would like for Christmas, feel free to let me know what styles you like, etc., and when you send Dad in with the kids, I'll make sure you get what you want!


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