Birmingham Mommy: "A Craft with a Conscience" from Amber


Here’s a twist on the oldest Thanksgiving craft ever–turkey hands! It’s quick and simple, which is always good for busy families, right? If you can trace your hand, then you can make this decoration.

Here’s what you need: scissors, tape, a pen, construction paper in fall colors, twine, mini clothes pins, googly eyes, glue.

I think it’s fun to do this as a family craft, Dad included. Everyone traces their hands and cuts them out (we did about 5 hands per person). Mom and Dad can help the little ones with the tracing and cutting. After everyone’s hands are cut out, have a family discussion about Thanksgiving and gratitude. You can expand the discussion based on your children’s ages and your personal beliefs–how others sometimes have needs for food or shelter, how you can help by volunteering and donating, etc. Then have each person write things they are thankful for on their paper hands. Again, Mom and Dad can help write for the little ones. Once you have your hands finished, you can embellish them with little rectangular legs, triangle beaks, and circle googly eyes (see how you can work in teaching shapes?). To finish it off and appreciate your family’s handiwork, they can be clipped onto some twine or ribbon with mini clothes pins to make a Thanksgiving garland. String it in front of a window or on your mantle…anywhere that you can all enjoy it for the season. If your children are like mine, they will love seeing their projects displayed prominently in the house. Happy crafting and Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!!

Amber is a contributor to and mommy to a gorgeous 3 yr old boy and will be welcoming #2 soon! She lives and loves home decorating, crafts, and general do it yourself projects. You can read more about Amber at Blooming in the South.

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