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BirminghamMommy recently had the opportunity to talk with the star of the new Reality show Bethenny Ever After.

Bethenny Frankel may have started as a Real Housewife of NY, but she has become so much more.  Women love her because she is real and she takes ownership of who she is. (She also created Skinny Girl Margaritas, what’s not to love?)  She is busy with her show, her book, her husband, and her baby Bryn, all under the watchful eye of a camera crew.

This show will be different because it’s a natural pick up from where we last saw Bethenny.  She has a new baby and is navigating the first year of marriage.  The first year is hard, but to do it in front of a camera is exhausting.  Bethenny puts her usual positive yet realistic spin on it by saying “…it’s two people from two different worlds now aligning, living together.”  This show promises to be exciting because of how different she and Jason are.  “We’re very different. He’s from a small town. He’s lived in the same place his entire life. I’ve lived in dozens of places. He’s Catholic and religious and I practice yoga. He likes his parents to be around all the time. I like to be alone a lot because my life is often very public.”

In-laws and religion are just a couple of the areas where this show will go, which is so refreshing in the canned-drama reality world.

One thing we can always count on Bethenny for is to stay true to herself.  That’s why we watch, we believe her and we appreciate the truth she brings.  “If it’s something monumental that could help women and it goes on in people’s relationships and lives, I kind of want to experience that- whether it’s turning 40 and having difficulty with it or whatever it is because I agreed to do this show and once I got on this journey with my fans I do feel a responsibility.”

We’re so glad she feels that responsibility- it comes through and hits a chord with us.  We’re women, we know when someone is hiding something.  “If we’re going to paint part of the picture, might as well paint the whole picture.”  We couldn’t agree with you more, Bethenny.

Bethenny Ever After can be seen on Monday Nights on Bravo, set your DVR’s!

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  1. I have a little bit of an obsession with Bethenny. I am SO glad you posted this! I love her because of her inappropritateness and her loud-mouthed candor … she says the things we all think but don’t say out loud. My DVR is set!

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