Being PRESENT as a mom… an emotional read

I stumbled upon this article while I was resarching how to make a family budget. The blogger at Fun Cheap or Free Queen has written several popular posts about budgeting, but what caught my attention was an article she wrote about the day her son drown, but survived. It was eye opening to me, the gift of truly being present and not just there. We’re all guilty of playing on our phones.  Take a minute, read, and let us know what you think.

Here’s the beginning, to read the rest just click at the bottom link.

The Gift Of Presence

My son drown today.
Well, technically he nearly drown, but it doesn’t make much difference to me right now.
They are both horrifying.
Both life-changing.
Both happen in an instant.
Both are things you think would never happen to you.
Both make you stop and appreciate the blessings in your life.
The difference? (and a big difference at that…)
For whatever reason, my son was spared. He nearly drowned, rather than drown-drowned.
Beats me.
That has yet to be determined, and maybe I’ll never know (maybe so I could write this post?)…but it’s something I plan to not really question or take for granted.
I learned a valuable invaluable lesson today, about being PRESENT. It’s interesting because this subject has been on the minds of me and my husband for some time. What I mean by being present, is to be
To not just physically be there, but to really BE there. Soaking it all in. Participating. Adding to whatever it is. Enjoying. Not just being around, but being…present. Read more:

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