Beautiful Baby Bedding Options for Birmingham Moms (now say that 3 times fast!)

Baby bedding has come a long way, a long way indeed. There are super cool options from one end of the spending spectrum to the other. From Modern bumpers to Vintage-inspired cribs, there are options for all of us, no matter our budget.
Sensing that modern moms and dads are wanting something more than the usual blue or pink for their bedding, designers are reaching out and connecting with their audience, one bumper at a time. The options are endless in finding the right look at the right price. Between web shopping and good local resources, Birmingham moms have it all at their fingertips.
Local spot, Three Sheets, in Homewood carries the premium brand Serena & Lily which features luxurious choices in vibrant colors, sure to please any palette. Serena and Lily also offer furniture, as well as coordinating paint, taking the guesswork out of the nursery and back to the baby’s name.
Also available at Three Sheets is Bella Notte linens. This incredibly luxurious line features easy-care satins and silks, as well as sumptuous velvets. In addition to crib bedding choices, Bella Notte offers bed linens, apparel and accessories. One look and one touch of this line and you’ll figure out a way to incorporate it into your home.
Target now carries a line made exclusively for them from Dwell Studio. We love their sophisticated design and creative color combinations. And with an unbeatable Target price, it’s hard to turn away.
Just a short drive over to Atlanta and you can check out IKEA (or visit their site) for incredible crib and other furniture options.We’re particularly fond of the retro-inspired Hensvik crib. And of course, the options at IKEA don’t stop there. Their innovative options for high chairs, bedding, storage and accessories make nursery planning a breeze.
(Photo: Serena & Lily Harper Bedding Collection)

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