Backyard Adventures at McWane Science Center

A New Year and a New Exhibit at McWane Science Center! Backyard Adventures is set to open to the public on January 22nd and will run until the end of April.

Backyard Adventures will highlight the biological interactions between plants and insects, and the zoology of nocturnal animals to the horticultural know-how that goes into growing giant vegetables, the mathematical genius needed to lay pavers and the feats of construction that can go on in the shed, the backyard is full of science.

Inside Backyard Adventures:

Paver Puzzle: Someone has started this DIY project and hasn’t had time to complete it. Can you help complete the path using odd shaped pavers?

Food Web Pond: Explore the intricacies of animal-insect-plant interactions at the pond. Investigate which creatures rely on other creatures to survive in this frog-eat-insect world.

Garden Golf: Try your hand at the backyard– themed mini golf. Be warned — you’ll need more than good putting skills to get around this course!

Walking Through the Seasons: Plants grow very slowly. Take a walk through our digital garden and observe plants growing in super time. Can you spot the changes that usually take months or years to happen.

Bee’s Eye View: Take a look at the garden through the eyes of a bee or a dog. Using special lenses, see how different creatures see the world around us.


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