Babies R Us: Breastfeeding Class

Babies R Us is the place where we go in for a pack of diapers and come out with a cart full of everything from clothes to crib sheets! It is also the place where you can attend free educational seminars. The next one is November 18th at 7pm on Lakeshore and is on the topic of “Mom’s Guide to Nursing.” It is sponsored by Medela, and as a Medela user and fan I can tell you that their products are great!
Now, here’s a little tip. Breastfeeding is hard, especially with your first baby. The classes at the hospitals are expensive. Save your money for diapers and go to the free one!! Medela and Babies R Us are both such respected names that you can count on a quality class. So take advantage of what is being offered, you may even meet a few other mommies to join you for playdates in the future.

Tuesday, November 18th, 7pm
Babies R Us

Mom’s Guide to Nursing

Breast is best for mom and baby. It’s the healthiest way to feed your little one for good health now and in the future. Learn everything you need to get started.
Sponsored by Medela

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