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We originally posted this last year 11/18/08, but it’s a tradition… so it comes around every year!

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start pulling out the decorations! Having kids means passing down traditions, and even making some of our own. I want my children to have meaningful memories of their childhood.

Our newest tradition came from I’m a Mom!?!. It’s a book called The Elf on the Shelf. It is a cute book that comes with a little retro inspired elf that hides in various spots around the house. We start reading at bedtime every night just after Thanksgiving. We name the elf and explain that he isn’t a toy to be played with. The book explains to the kids that the elf sits in different spots around the house to help Santa see if they are naughty or nice. So every morning, the kids get up and run downstairs to see where the elf is hiding today. Here’s a description of the tradition.

It made my son so excited last year he was nearly jumping out of bed to go find “Bob” for the day! I think it’s something he will look forward to doing every year, and that he can look back on fondly. And it was nice for me to remind him that Bob was watching…

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