Aqua Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Pure Fitness

Paddle boarding has been something I’ve been wanted to do for a while now, but truth be told, I didn’t trust my balance and fitness level enough to risk flipping myself over board in the middle of a lake or ocean somewhere, so it’s something I’ve wanted to do from afar for a couple of years. I was super excited when I saw the announcement from Pure Fitness about their new Aqua Stand Up Classes. While not a leisurely sail through calm waters, I was very interested in learning more about how to do an exercise class while on top of a board. So I signed up for the demo class and loved it!

Aqua Stand Up takes your exercise routine and kicks it up a notch by adding in the need to balance and engage so many more muscles than you would if you were doing planks or squats on a gym floor. You might remember the most recent Think Outside the Gym workout that Erin put together for us, you’ll do many of these elements but instead of being alone on a lake, you get the benefit of fun music, a great instructor and some moral support from others in the class.

I have to admit that after watching some of the videos, I was intimidated and worried I wouldn’t be able to stand up, or at the very least, stay standing for very long. It’s not easy, but it is easy to get the hang of and I’m hoping to be a pro before long! If you’re in a rut or just looking to mix up your current routine and try something fun and new, Pure Fitness is adding weekend classes to their schedule starting at Samford on Saturdays, and adding a class at Oak Mountain on Sundays, very soon. More locations and times will most likely be added sooner rather than later as this catches on. You can see everything up to date on her Calendar.

Wondering what to wear? I was! I would suggest a 1 piece with board shorts, a rash guard would also be great for max coverage up top.. However, whatever you’re comfortable in works. You will get wet so make sure you’re able to move around – being self conscious about a wardrobe malfunction will keep you from enjoying the class to it’s fullest.

So what are you waiting for!! Get out there, mix up that routine and try a little something new! We’ll see you there!

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