Apps 101: The Good, The Free, The crApp

If you don’t have an iPhone, I know you’re tired of hearing everyone yap about how awesome they are, and tired of watching them use their finger to glide across the screen… I feel your pain. Well, I did until I got one and now I’m all about it! My iPhone’s main purposes are to call people, check email, facebook/twitter, and babysit my kids. What?!?! Yes, I said babysit. Case and point– while waiting in the sick kid room at the pediatrician’s office, you can either let Junior:
a. play with the disease infested toys
b. roll on the floor and pick up every germ possible
c. play a game or watch a show on your iPhone

(Cue the silence as everyone runs to the Apple store)

Apps for occupying kids:
Smack Talk (Mommy Britt’s pick)- a few cute little woodland creatures will repeat whatever you say to them in sqeaky chipmunk voices. Kids love this, and I especially give it kudos for getting reluctant talkers to practice talking in a fun way. Cost: $.99

DoodleBuddy- Free! Basically a magnadoodle on your phone. And free!! Did I mention that?

crApp to avoid: Music Pop, no thanks! It shows an animal using bubbles to bounce from building to building. But when the animal falls, it shows it getting electrocuted and dying. Huh?!?! This is where my 4 year old asked “Did he die? Did I kill him?”

Happy App’ing! What apps are your favorite? And remember, mommy likes FREE ones… 🙂

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