Anxiety in Moms

Nothing induces anxiety like becoming a mother. You’re in charge of caring for this tiny precious life. It’s a big load to carry. Many women notice a surge in their anxiety levels after having children. A few tips for controlling the anxiety:

Beware of catastrophic thoughts. When you find yourself worrying about the worst case scenario, try to turn the tables on your worry by using logic. Ask yourself what the statistical likelihood is of the scenario happening. Then ask yourself to admit what the most realistic outcome is.

Distractions. Listen to a song, have a snack, draw a picture… anything to help your mind ease.

Keep tension levels low. Exercise, walk the dog, do some yoga.  All of these activities can help you keep tension low, which helps your body keep anxiety at bay.

When you feel like you can’t control it, don’t be afraid to discuss it with your doctor. If you want to see a checklist of symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, click here.

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