Amanda's Attempt to Entertain Us This Month

by Amanda from The Mom Job

Two weeks ago, Conner (my “4.5” year old, if you ask him) came home from preschool with one, bright green rubber band around his arm. It was the first thing he showed me when I picked him up, and it was the only thing he talked about all the way home. I’m paraphrasing here (because come on…it’s been TWO weeks.), but it went something like Brookwin gave me dis green bracelet because she said I was her friend and she wanted to share and I told her I do not have any bracelets and she said that was ok and I want to give her one because she is my friend. Pretty much all of that ^ on repeat. It was silly bandz

or ‘a silly band’… either way… I knew this was coming. I noticed another boy had these at our first party (Halloween, maybe?). Somehow, I knew I could not avoid being sucked into this trend. A trend of shoveling out 10 bucks plus shipping for something that MAYBE cost .05 cents to make (for the entire package). But he loved it. Conner somehow knew exactly the thing to say to fling me at a violent speed towards the internet, credit card in hand. “And I want to give one to my little brover Chasey because he is my best friend and I love him

At that moment, it didn’t matter if those little rubber animal bracelets cost 100 bucks, I would try to find them and then cringe later. Or vomit. Or a cringe/vomit combo with a side of eye rolling. I called 2 places — sold out. Luckily, I never underestimate the powers of the internet… because I found them with a common theme: overpriced. Most places wanted $9+ with an additional $4-5 worth of shipping. I found one place that offered a pack for $5 with $6 shipping. UmmmmNo. But! Yeah. No. And eventually, I tired of scouring the internets for a good deal, accepted my fate, and that of my son’s ENTIRE preschool reputation, and bought 2 packs from Amazon. With shipping, it cost close to $16. Sixteen dollars for cheap, thin, multi-colored rubber bands. Conner had ONE more day of school before Thanksgiving break, and I knew the bands wouldn’t be here in time. To the rescue came his Nana (my mom). She found the bands in Birmingham, bought a pack and I picked them up (I was already heading that direction. So… no. I didn’t drive there JUST for these…) The next school day, he showed up with an arm full of silly bandz. He reserved two especially for “Brookwin” – one purple, one pink. He would sift through them, trying to recall each animal’s shape and name, all the way to school. When it was time for the party, Conner sat down, ate his snack, and proceeded to ”Brookwin’s” chair. He stood behind her right shoulder and nervously spun the bands around his arm. She didn’t notice him as he stood shuffling his feet for over 2 minutes.

I felt like I was watching a slow motion train wreck. I wanted desperately to jump in and save him. But I knew I couldn’t. I watched him hesitate as my heart wanted to burst out of my chest. And then… her friend to her right noticed Conner ever-so-slowly swaying behind “Brookwin’s” chair. “Can I have one?” she asked. “Ummm…no….” he answered under his breath. He attempted to explain that the pink one and the purple one were for his friend “Brookwin” and this girl was NOT “Brookwin” ergo – no bracelet. She responded with a blank pout. I stepped in, pointed out that Conner had enough silly bandz for everyone, and he reluctantly gave them out. And yes, “Brookwin” eventually got her pink and purple bands. Watching him give every single band he brought to school was exciting and sad. He was so passive with the other children. When they’d demand a different color than what he had given them, he’d pull his arm in closely, look down, and not speak. I just think he was overwhelmed and unsure. CHILDREN HAVING TO ACT LIKE INDIVIDUALS AT THE AGE OF FOUR WILL ALWAYS BREAK THEIR MOMMIE’S HEART, OK? End of sad face. … *sniff* Our Amazon-ordered Silly Bandz came the Monday before Thanksgiving. He wore 2 to school yesterday and both came back (the kids like to trade them). What he also came home with on Monday? Bendaroos. I’m not even going there.

About Amanda:

My name is Amanda and my last name is hardly pronounceable. I’m currently 25 and the mother of 2 half-breed monkey/gorilla hybrids wonderfully rowdy boys (under 5), blogging LIVE! from a city somewhere in Alabama…  I have the personality of a 6’6″ man trapped in a 4’10.5″ body. I’m loud, sometimes bitchy, occasionally moody, disorganized yet incredibly passionate and a total goofball. My friends just think I’m odd and that’s fine by me.

You can read more from Amanda over at The Mom Job and you can follow her on twitter @themomjob

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