Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure: Plans for largest expansion in park history

Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure is the premiere family fun park in Alabama and now there’s even more to love! On December 25th, Christmas Day, Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure announced the largest expansion since the park’s beginning by introducing the Rocket Racer! Rocket Racer is a massive new slide structure with six separate lanes to race your family and friends, head first, to the bottom. This incredible new addition is not only over 50 feet tall, but also over 400 feet long! This makes Rocket Racer the biggest water slide in Alabama, and also makes Splash Adventure the biggest Water Park in the state!

See it for yourself —>

Along with this giant attraction comes an expansion to the park area itself. The Rocket Racer will be installed in a new area of the park that will be renovated and cultivated to create an opportunity for growth in the future, plus additional space for guests to spread out and enjoy their day at the park. In addition to the park’s expansion, 2021 will also see the return of Free Soft Drinks, Free Parking, Free Tubes, and Free Shows including the Aquabatic Stunt Show and the Wild West Dive Show!

Who’s looking forward to Summer, now?

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