Busy Mommy Bonding Series: Fall

This month our theme is Fall!

We’re all moms, and we know how busy life gets. It’s hard to find meaningful activities to share with your children when there are literally millions out there. Especially the 9-5 moms who come home and have only a few precious hours, of which dinnertime and bathtime take up most. So we decided to start a series of BirminghamMommy tested, BirminghamMommy approved activities- every month we’ll share 2-3 fun and not-so-complicated-it-makes-you-quit-halfway-through projects. Gather your supplies ahead of time and be ready for some serious bonding time with your babe!

Activity:  Fall Tree, This makes a cute handprint/fingerprint decoration that grandparents will love, and lets kids explore the fall colors, especially Brown.

Fall color paints- red, yellow, orange, brown, etc
Brown Paint
Large piece of paper (construction paper is fine)
Baby wipes or a tub of water to clean up in

Create a Fall tree by painting each child’s hand and arm brown and lay it on paper to make the tree.  The hand part is the branches at the top of the tree and the arm part is the tree trunk. Let it dry a bit, then have children make red, brown, yellow, and orange fingerprints all over the “hand” part of the tree.

If you want to make this as a keepsake for a loved one, add the line “I’m ‘fall’-ing for you!”

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