ABC time! Learn, eat, bathe.

Around my house, we’ve been learning our ABC’s. Here are a few of our favorite tools:

1. Our favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault . It’s colorful and clever; you go through the alphabet twice and the rhythm of the book makes for easy memory.

2. ABC Tater Tots!! Can you believe the brilliant minds at Ore-Ida figured out a way to smash the deliciousness of a tot into a letter shape!?!? I almost peed my pants in the freezer section of Publix when I saw them! My kid would eat a shoe if it was dipped in ketchup… so this is a definite favorite for our family. Learning makes me happy, dipping makes him happy!

3. Sesame Street’s letter of the day. Nuff said.

4. Bathtub foam letters: cheap and easy! The first word we need to learn to spell is M-O-M. It is the most important word in the English language you know. And a bonus… if you have younger babies they love to chew on the letters.

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