ABC, easy as 123!

Summer is officially in full swing.  The pools are packed, the air conditioner is running non-stop, and the kids are BORED!  It’s too early for bored!  It’s not even July yet!  This is where we come to the rescue— a fun, educational project that can make summer fun!

For the toddler/preschool/kindergarten crew:
1.  Make an Alphabet Scrapbook that is specific to your child.  Start looking for letter associations in everyday life- friends, toys, places you go.  On a trip to the zoo, snap a pic of your kiddo in front of the zebras.  Z is for Zebra will mean a lot more when they see themself in the picture.

Another spin on this would be numbers– look for things in sets.  If you see 3 dogs, snap a pic and make a page for all things 3.

For the older kids, let them try to create some art.  Challenge them to find letters around town to create a fun and unique nameplate for their room.  To make it special, they can choose letters from places that are significant to them and their family; their school sign, their town sign, etc.  Take pictures of the letters, help them crop them, and arrange them in a frame.  You can even use a free photo program to superimpose images, change the colors, etc.  Try Picasa from Google.

Time will fly and the kids will learn something this summer!

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