A Mother's Shade of Green: Create A Slow Home, Enjoy More of Life

By Kate Agliata:

How many times this month alone have you said to yourself, “I just want  things to slow down, and to be simpler,”? Those who know me well enough, have heard me say this over and over during the last few years. Each  year it seems that I take on more responsibilities, extend my growing  passions, and continuously assume a greater variety of roles. The  result: my life began to feel as though it would burst at any given  moment. I felt overwhelmed, disorganized, and a slave to the never  ending chaos. That’s when I discovered the Slow Home movement, a concept that focuses on celebrating quality, efficiency, and getting back to

The Slow Home movement was founded in 2006 by a small group of architects  who wanted to steer the residential building community away from the  fast paced, cookie cutter designed industry. Their goal is to produce  homes that are compact in nature, support the use of natural cooling and heating methods, (as well as natural lighting) and promote efficient architectural design made to enhance a home’s overall functionality. The main objectives of this concept appealed to me greatly. Just thinking about a Slow Home and the efficiency and calm it tends to promote, was  enough to inspire me to take the leap.

I decided it was time for my family to re-evaluate our priorities, and take the time to begin transitioning our home into my perception of a Slow Home. This includes, an environment that fosters a minimization of waste, (energy, water, and most important to us-clutter!) environmental responsibility, and is a true reflection of our family’s personal growth
and progress. For me, motivation is key. I am pushing through this transformation in an attempt to rid my life of chaos, so that I can enjoy more of life, and also begin achieving higher levels of efficiency.

This week I started a Slow Home Challenge. My family and I will spend the next twelve weeks working to transition our home. We’ll be tackling nearly every room, and just for the heck of it, I’ll also give my personal life (schedules, e-mail, commitments) a serious re-haul.

To learn more about the Slow Home movement, or better yet, to join my challenge (!) visit Kate’s Musings.

About Kate:

Kate, a freelance writer and mother of two, most often finds creative inspiration in writing, but occasionally at the bottom of an empty wine glass. She has hijacked her family’s former lifestyle and is in the midst of creating a simpler and greener approach to life. To follow her family’s challenges and successes in this endeavor, visit her blog, at Kate’s Musings. She and her family have lived in Birmingham since 2009.

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