A Local Moms Dream Lives On.

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Some of you may remember a cool little product we featured a while back called Baby Face Bands. A band that fits sippy cups and is personalized with your child’s picture so that even from an early age, when they can’t read, they can recognize the picture of themselves and know which sippy is theirs.

We were very sad to learn that Local Mom and founder of Baby Face Bands, Laura Black,  recently lost her battle with cancer. Laura passed away at the age of 37.  Up until her last breath this beloved wife and mother was the picture of faith, grace and strength in the fight against cancer.   Laura inspired untold thousands of people through her writings and speaking engagements. Her idea for Baby Face Bands came from her time spent working in her church nursery. An admitted “germaphobe,” Laura came up with this idea to help toddlers be able to recognize their own sippy cups.

At the time of her passing, Baby Face Bands were featured in more than 20 stores in six states.

This October some of Laura’s friends plan to volunteer their time to take Baby Face Bands to the National ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.  These friends won’t profit in any way.  Their sole purpose is to honor Laura, and help continue her dream.   The proceeds of all sales will go to support Laura’s family and also a portion will go to cancer research.

For more information on Baby Face Bands or to order some of your own, visit their site.

Wendy and Mallory, we wish you much success in honoring your friend.

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