A Guide To Birmingham Murals

We’re completely in love with all of the murals around Birmingham and have been out hunting them for a while. Here are some of the ones we’ve found as well as some fun facts and a location where you can see them too!

Stop trying to make “fetch” happen. That’s so Fetch mural located at: Fetch Talent Agency 3027 6th Ave South


I always feel like, somebody’s watching me 👀 🎶 Mural Fact: The original version of the Eyes Mural was black and white but after having to be restored due to vandalism, the color was added. (Along with a clear coat of anti graffiti paint 👍) This installment is located on the corner of 1st Ave North and 39th Street North, another amazing wall of art by Marcus Fetch.
An update on the eyes mural since Covid19


This community mural is located in West Homewood, and was designed by @fitzsigns. If you look closely, the residential street names in Hall Kent/West District are included, as well as a few “Easter Eggs” only true West Siders will get. See it for yourself at Angels Advertising, 168 Oxmoor Road


Located on the backside of the Domesticated Coffee Headquarters at 3017 6th Ave South. This Dia De Los Muertos Mural was created by Danny Martin Art from Tuscon, AZ


Trees of Ascension located at the corner of 7th Ave South and 28th Street South. Created by: Chip Ghinga


Another awesome mural by Marcus Fetch. You can find this one located in Homewood on the back of Ignite Properties, 2811 Crescent Ave. Mural Fun Fact, this is the first in a series he’ll be working on and it was inspired by his clients daughter and her stuffed toy rabbit.


One of our most favorite murals in Birmingham, you can find this guy on Morris Ave. Created by: John Lytle Wilson


Located on the corner 6th Avenue South and 32nd Street, we found this one by accident one day. It gives us a very Emerald City, Wizard of Oz vibe. Artist: Marcus Fetch


This playful mural by Marcus Fetch is located in West Homewood, 186 Oxmoor Road


Located outside of Gatos and Beans (4348 3rd Court South) By: DGW Art and Magic City Mural Co.


The One City mural was created by the 2018 Leadership Council of the Birmingham Association of Realtors to encourage unity within our community. Painted by Marcus Fetch. Located on the side of Watt’s Realty, on the corner of 16th Street South and 3rd Ave South.


Another project created during Covid19, this mural is located on Central Ave at 18th Street in Homewood


Greetings Vestavia! This mural is a project by Yellow Hammer Creative and can be found in the lower level parking deck of the Vestavia City Center


North Avondale Rocks. This mural is located on the corner of 1st Ave North and 41st Street. This one is a biggie! You’ll want to make a loop around the building to take in all of this cool artwork.











I grew up going to the Girls Club (now known as Girls Inc) It’s located in a new location now and has a pretty incredible mural to greet you!


Girls Inc. 5130 8th Ct S, Birmingham AL 35212


More amazing art by Marcus Fetch. You can find this Sphinx Cat and his enchanted scenery on the side of Salon U on Linden Ave in Homewood


You can find this mural by Rob Cliftons at the Summit Shopping Center, a fun and colorful BHM mural near Trader Joe’s.


Another one of our favorite Birmingham Murals, this one is called Freezing Time and was painted by Shane B. This artwork spans the entire back alley behind Jimmy John’s and Insomnia Cookie building in 5pts South. It’s so big it’s impossible to get it all in one picture.


The Rainbow Wall was a community project designed by Red Path Creative and Marcus Fetch. The entire community was invited out to help paint this wall. You can find it on Morris Ave.

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface on all the incredible murals you can find around Birmingham now  and we’ll keep adding to this list as we have time to explore the city even more looking for these (sometimes hidden) gems!

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    1. Hey! Thanks so much for letting us know, we haven’t personally been out to yours yet, but we’re happy to add it to our list if you have a photo we can use or we can add it to our list when we go on our next hunt!

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