A Day at DeSoto Caverns

Looking for Gemstones

We had the pleasure to spend a day at Desoto Caverns a few weeks ago.  We loaded the kids in the car and took a nice 40 minute drive to Childersburg.  We had an absolute blast!  Here’s our breakdown—

*Small enough to be comfortable and not overwhelming, but large enough to accomodate large groups

*Bring a towel, swimsuits, and bug spray/sunscreen.  The splash pad is a must, and the water attractions were too fun to miss out on.  Our kids ended up soaking wet, with huge smiles.

*Pack your lunch- this is picnic style eating.  If you forget there are some limited options.

*The caverns part was simply inspiring.  It was breathtaking and I could go back today.

*Tour guide was outstanding.  My 5 year old son was so excited to explore, but got scared when the time came to enter the caverns.  Seth, the friendly guide, gave him his flashlight and appointed him his helper.  I am so grateful– my son learned to not let fear hasten him, and he left saying that this was “…the greatest day ever.”

Now, we wouldn’t tell you how great it is and then not offer a giveaway.  Never!  Giveaway is coming up next!

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