8 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe

By Jessica Socheski:

Most people agree that their home is their safe haven from the outside world.  But, according to the National Safety Council, most accidental deaths come from  unintentional accidents inside the house or personal vehicle.

Instead of falling victim to a tragedy, use these eight tips to keep you and your children  safe wherever you go.

1. Home Alarm

Installing a home security system can help prevent break-ins from happening. When thieves see a home security sign in the front yard or window or hear the piercing alarm after they break-in, they tend to move on quickly before inflicting any more damage.

2. Fire Safety

Eighty-five percent of all fire deaths occur within the home. Many of these are related to either a broken fire alarm or no smoke detecting system within the home. If you do not have fire alarms within the home, install them as soon as possible. If you already have fire alarms, regularly check to ensure that they are in working order. And for further safety, link your smoke detectors so that when one detects a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning it alerts the rest and entire home.

3. Pool Safety

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death amongst children; thus, children should never be left unsupervised in a pool or alone in a bathtub. Even if they know how to swim, it is imperative that a child in the pool be accompanied by an adult. Parents can purchase pool safety gates to guarantee that children playing outside in the backyard will not fall into the pool.

4. Prevent Poisoning

Any chemicals like cleaning products, detergent, bleach, rubbing alcohol or typical bathroom products like perfume or hair products, are dangerous if ingested orally or put into contact with the eyes. Keep these products on a higher shelf, in a locked cabinet, or in an area children cannot reach or enter. Call poison control immediately if anyone ingests poison.

5. Keep Children From Choking

Suffocation is another serious cause of death in children four years and younger. Always put babies to sleep on their backs on a firm mattress, not a soft cushion, pillow or blanket. Children under four can choke on firm, round foods such as popcorn, nuts, grapes and hard candy. So new foods should be introduced carefully.

6. Prevent Falls

More than 50 percent of all falls occur in the home. Children are almost as likely as seniors to be injured in a fall, though they typically recover much faster. Your home should be clear of tripping hazards, and there should be safety gates around stairs.

7. Wear A Helmet

In most states, children under 16 must wear a helmet when biking, but many kids refuse. If a child falls off of their bike, skateboard, skates or scooter, a helmet can prevent life threatening brain injuries.

8. Buckle Up

In the event of a car accident, being buckled can mean the difference between life and death. About every 12-1/2 minutes, someone in the United States is killed because of an auto accident. The simple act of buckling a seatbelt can save your life.

Keep your family safe by following these few simple tips.

About Jessica Socheski:
Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who loves family life and is currently researching home security. You can find her on Google+ or at The Teaching Box where she edits.

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