6 Ways to Decorate Eggs, Without The Dye

Did you know there are some great options for decorating eggs that don’t involve messy dye kits? Get ready to raid your craft supplies and check out some of these cute ideas we found around the web!

Tissue Paper Eggs:

We love the look of these eggs and how the tissue paper turns the eggs into fun vibrant colors. Materials you’ll need on hand: Tissue paper, coffee filters, thread, spoonful of vinegar.

To see the full tutorial, click here.

Photo: Aunt Peaches Blog

Painted Easter Eggs:

One of the easiest ways to decorate without dye is to simply paint  your eggs. Materials needed: Several colors of washable tempera paint and 1/2-inch-wide flat paintbrushes.

Doodle Eggs:

If you like to doodle, this idea is for you and you only need 2 things, and egg and a permanent marker. Make sure to go slowly and allow the marker to dry before moving to another section so that you don’t smear your design.

Photo: BHG

Whipped Cream Dyed Eggs:

Much like the idea of using shaving cream, you can apply the same concept with whipped cream and keeps the finished product safe to eat!! Materials needed: Whipped cream, food coloring, and toothpick. Add whipped cream to a baking dish, drop in a few drops of food color, make a marble pattern with your toothpick and roll your hard boiled egg around for a fun colorful design.

Photo: Boulder Locavoure

Rice Dyed Eggs

Use extra dry rice from your pantry for this egg-dyeing method, Materials needed: Dry Rice, plastic cup and food coloring.  Put a scoop of rice into a plastic cup, add a few drops of food coloring, drop an egg in, and gently shake.

Photo: BHG

Sprinkle Eggs:

These might be my new favorite! Dye free, and safe to eat! Materials needed: Sprinkles, sandwich bag, powdered sugar and water. For the full tutorial check out the Food Network.

Photo: The Food Network

Which one will you be trying this Easter?

Make sure to check out our ideas on how to dye eggs with some foods/spices you might already have in your kitchen!

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