52 New Things

With the craziness of the season we have just completely slipped up on journal-ing our New Things – I think we left off on week 46 so we’re going to try and catch up in no particular order…..

Angie –

2 of my New Things have involved the movies.

My 5 year old was invited to a party at the movies that just so happened to be a drop off party… Every parent’s dream right? Well, I was pretty much a nervous wreck. It’s one thing to leave them at someones house but the big bad movie theater was a wholly different thing. I had the twins with me so I knew I couldn’t change my mind and stay so after milling around in the lobby forever I finally left her. It took a lot for me to walk out and leave my baby, but I did and of course everything was fine.

Over the past week my husband has been taking some random days off so we decided to try our luck at taking the twins to a movie for the first time ever. They did great, they absolutely loved it… I learned two things while on this adventure: 1. that even thought they loved it, it’s still very much a 2 person job to take all 3 of mine at the same time. And 2. a family of 5 can put away a big bucket of popcorn before the movie even starts!

I tried some more new chapstick.. Not on purpose, I absentmindedly picked up the wrong kind, spearmint flavor – I actually like it.

I tried a new recipe for fried rice. I’ve been obsessed with it lately. This new recipe called for vermacelli which I thought was odd but I tried it anyway. In the end it was a good dish of vegetables and rice but in no way resembled “Fried Rice”

I tried a “Caramel Brulee Latte” from Starbucks. I’m not a coffee fan at all. I don’t like the taste or the smell but this? I like! If I could pull myself away from the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate it might be my new winter drink.

Trish –

I tried a new recipe.  It was pineapple cake and it was nothing special at all.  I love pineapple and cake, but the combo didn’t come out the way it should’ve.

I am now using a bounce laundry bar. I love it! Works great and appears to last for a while.
One week was coupon only items. I have a list of things I refuse to buy if not on sale or with a coupon. Mostly it’s non-necessity stuff like cereal and soft drinks.

My new thing this week is buying all meats in bulk. It better save me money and not go bad in my freezer!

Come back and check out next week as we wrap up this year of 52 New Things!

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