52 New Things – Weeks 42 and 43

It’s a double whammy New Thing week. With all of the Halloween excitement last week we failed to get our new thing posted. so here you go.

Week 42

Angie –

I took a kid free couples trip! Something my husband and I have not done since our oldest, now 5 was 9 months old! I’ve been away, and he’s been away but us getting away together was long over due and will definitely be something we try to do on a regular basis.

Trish –

My new thing is a steam mop.  The Shark to be exact.  I’m tired of mopping being hours long, with me drying the floor with towels… so I tried this mop.  It steams, so it sanitizes, and it dries in a matter of a few minutes.  So far, I’m a fan.

Week 43 –

Angie –

This week it’s all about some new recipes. We had some freinds over for Halloween/Football and I whipped up 3 new recipes. Not really sure why I decided to do that for the first time when people were coming over but they turned out pretty good.

Trish –

My new thing is kind of an “in progress” thing.  I have made a promise to travel more- with kids, without them, couples, girls only, you  name it.  There’s a world to experience and nothing stopping us.  I’m also going to try to teach/learn more about places I’ve never been by showing the kids- cooking dishes that are popular there, watching movies from there, etc.

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